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Skopri is the Maltese word for 'discover' and is undoubtedly one of the most important words in the dictionary.

Discovery is what created the internet, what put people on the moon, what treated deadly diseases and only through discovery can we achieve a hopeful future.

We are a group of students and researchers at the University of Malta, from the Faculty of Medicine/Health Sciences who appreciate science and equally admire those people who dedicate their life to academia and research. We have an ongoing project which aims to promote local researchers and their research, through the publication of this online catalogue.

We are hoping to give a face to Malta’s leading research

Many times, the names and faces of researchers are lost behind the interminable barrage of modern-day distractions.  We occasionally hear of interesting discoveries, but most of us never bother to look deeper into who deserves the credit. We want to change that; we want the researchers to be in the spotlight. We want to call this incentive SKOPRI - we believe it is fitting given the purpose of the catalogue. Our audience is not aimed solely to other academics, but the general public.

Anyone doing science-based post-graduate research from any faculty/department is welcome to participate.

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