What can I do on the SkopriSci website?

Create a researcher account

Follow other researchers

The account will give you access to the forum and to create/be accepted into groups.  Click on login at the top righthand corner.

This will notify you of their public activity on this website.  You can also like, comment and share other researcher's posts.

Ask or answer questions on the forum

Questions come from both account-holders and the general public.

Create public or private groups for sharing of research information

You can choose between Public, Private and Secret groups to create when you have an account.  Secret groups do not appear publicly, nor their titles or content. 

We at Skopri are strong believers of privacy.  We are not and never will be bound to selling or sharing user data to third parties.

Read about the works of other ongoing research projects

Only scientists who are part of the printed SKOPRI catalogue will be given automatic access to their own blog-entry.  Other contributors are encouraged to approach Skopri team individually. 

Kindly write the titles of your entries as shown in this example 'Researcher Name | Research topic'.  This will aid in the categorizing process.