​​Meet Fotios

I am a food scientist and technologist from Athens (Greece) with an interest and specialization in food microbiology. My interest in Food Science stems from my passion for food when my goal as a food scientist is on delivering safe, nutritious, and delicious food to the world. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of West Attica (Greece) in 2019 and my master’s degree in Food Technology – Quality Assurance from the University of Reading (United Kingdom) in 2020. Currently, I am working as a Ph.D. student at the Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Malta under the umbrella of the TRANSIT project.

Microbial Responses towards Pulsed Electric Field

Sustainable technologies (pulsed electric field, ultrasound, non-thermal plasma, and high hydrostatic pressure) provide clean-label, nutritious food products and solutions to antimicrobial resistance. Nevertheless, the application of these technologies is currently limited in the food industry. The main aim of my project is to identify the main microbial molecular targets in food-associated pathogens and spoilage organisms and to design effective antimicrobial impact strategies for sustainable technologies such as Pulsed Electric Field technology.

The Next step…

The main steps for the future include the application of Pulsed Electric Field Technology in different liquid food products, and the identification of the underlying resistance mechanisms of the pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms to Pulsed Electric Field Technology

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