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Updated: Dec 31, 2021

​​Meet KRIS

Although I am generally quiet and reserved, I enjoy having a laugh with my family and friends. I am also meticulous, organised, creative and a problem-solver. These qualities and my sense of curiosity have helped me in my research. Some of the things that I enjoy doing include baking and playing chess. I also have had the opportunity to spend time abroad on voluntary work, which I feel has helped me grow as a person.

The Greener side of Chemistry

I am currently conducting my research in Green Chemistry. It is a relatively new field that aims to develop more environmentally friendly chemical processes. It has been devised in order to mitigate the negative impact caused by the chemical industry on the environment. Unfortunately, large quantities of waste materials are generated in the production of essential chemicals we use on a daily basis, such as pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the role of Green Chemistry is to reduce the quantity and toxicity of the pollutants generated. This is achieved by a number of principles, such as, designing reactions to be more chemically efficient, thereby reducing the waste produced, replacing toxic chemicals with more environmentally-benign alternatives, and employing selective and recyclable catalysts.

In my research project, I have taken a reaction of industrial importance and modified it to be more environmentally friendly via the principles outlined above.

The Next step…

I am personally interested in the pharmaceutical industry and the development of sustainable technologies, such as organic photovoltaic cells. Therefore after my Masters, I would like to find a more specific area in which to conduct research in.

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